The True Tale of a Courageous Cape Cod Canada Goose

by Marcia Croce Martin

Here is what people are saying about it...

"Bandy is a testament to the power of love, faith and friendship and is a great read for animal lovers and children alike. This is a delightful heartwarming story that will leave you pondering your own reactions to the trials and tribulations of life. Three honks for Bandy."
Kat Albrecht author of The Lost Pet Chronicles, Adventures of a K9 Cop turned detective.

"Bandy's story is remarkable. The friendship that developes between an injured Canada goose and the generous woman who rescues him makes for a tale of mutual trust and courage. Marcia Martin has written a highly entertaining book that every animal enthusiast will love." Bob Tarte author of Enslaved by Ducks

"As wild nature comes under ever greater pressure from human beings, it has become vital that some of us make close contact with the animals and report back what we've learned. In her book Bandy Marcia Martin makes the very same discovery as all those who've made friends with wild animals: They are not that different from us. Bandy is a wonderful addition to a type of literature that, rather than springing from mere whimsy, is born out of a real need." Mark Bittner author of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

"Bandy is an enchanting saga about trust, friendship, faith (and a goose!) that Marcia Martin has chronicled in this warm, sprightly book. You'll barely be a few pages into this breezy, feel-good tale before you'll find yourself caring about the titular goose nearly as much as Marcia does." Duncan Strauss host of Talking Animals WMNF Tampa FL

"In stark contrast to human strife and the tragic events of our present world, Bandy is a wonderful story of love and compassion. It teaches important lessons about life and true happiness." James F Hall President Emeritus Cape Cod Community College

"Bet you never expected you'd learn anything from a goose! Here's your opportunity. It is a simple tale, but I found myself thinking back on it day after day and remembering something new each time."
C. Everett Koop Former Surgeon General of the United States

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